The presentation of the album dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the SCO

Date:  2016-12-25  Author: admin


In the of the SCO in Beijing took place the presentation of a special photo album devoted to the 15 anniversary of the Shanghai cooperation organization.
Opening the ceremony, Secretary-General of the SCO noted that "the release of the album in its anniversary year the Organization has great symbolic value. On the pages of the album includes photographs of various years and rare pictures, depicting historical moments of formation and development of the SCO, memorable and significant events from the history of the Organization."
Alimov expressed sincere appreciation to the Research Centre on economic development of the silk road and the Chinese culture Institute (China Institute of Culture (HK) for a close partnership in the implementation of this undertaking. "The release of this informative and colorful photo album plays an important role in achieving one of the main objectives of our Organization is to further strengthen the image of the SCO among the international community," stressed the Secretary General.
The ceremony was attended by national coordinators of member States of the SCO, the Chairman of the Centre for Research in economic development, "silk road", Deputy chief editor of the newspaper "Wenhuibao", officials and other guests of the SCO Secretariat.

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