The briefinform of the Center (Aug.1-Oct.1 2016)

Date:  2016-10-15  Author: admin   

1、On August 18th Historical Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences held built sixty anniversary, deputy director of Historical Institute, Deputy Director Wang Jian of our center chaired the meeting, served as deputy director of the Historical Institute Pan Guang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
2、On August 25-26, director Pan Guang attended the International Symposium "to make global governance more effective and inclusive: G-20 and the United Nations, held in Shanghai International Studies University, on behalf of the organizer of Shanghai association of the United Nations and made a speech.
3、On August 29th, the Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong attended the symposium “Russian political and economic transformation: status, difficulties and development trend analysis”, was jointly organized by Center for Economics and Politics of transitional countries studies of Liaoning University and Institute of economics of Fudan University, and made a speech.
4、On September 2nd, director Carlin of Institute strategy Study under president of Kazakhstan visited SASS, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong attended the reception.
5、On September 5th, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong on behalf of Center to Uzbekistan consulate condolences to President Karimov.
6、On September 6th, deputy director Yu Jianhua, Zhang Yifeng, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong, researcher Gu Wei attended the small expert seminar "Political situation of Post-Karimov era and its impact on”, was organized by Center of China-Russia-CA cooperation of Shanghai Institute of international relations SASS.
7、On September 9-17, director Pan Guangl visited the United States and made three academic lectures in University of Texas in Dallas, Texas christian university in Vossburg, University of New York “on 2011 since the upheaval in the Middle East and Chinese function in the Middle East", "Chinese-Central Asia relationship and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization" and "the Jews in the Chinese".
8、On September 22nd, Consul general of Holland Consulate in Shanghai visited, met with director Pan Guang. On the same day, director Pan Guang was invited to the National Day reception,  was organized by German Consulate General in Shanghai.
9、On September 23rd, director Victor Ralin of Institute of history and archaeology, ethnography  Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences visited, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong attended the reception. On the same day, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong, Li Lifan received a visiting of Russian researcher A. Krolev of Li Guangyao’ Institute of public policy of National University of Singapore.
11、On September 24th, director Pan Guang, Secretary-General Li Lifan attended the Fifth Asian and Middle East International Forum, held in Shanghai International Studies University and did the keynote speech. On the same day, director Pan Guang, Secretary-General Li Lifan attended  the International conference – “The seventh East Asian countries: Slavic Eurasian Studies”, held in the East China Normal University. Pan Guang presided over the "Central Asia and international relations" sub forum discussion.
12、On September 27-30, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong attended of international forum “China, Mongolia and Russia economic corridor: docking and development”, was organized by the Center for Development of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
13、On October 8th, director Pan Guang attended the meeting of Shanghai Association of International Relations, Chairman Yang Jiemian conveyed the speech spirit of the Ministry of foreign affairs.

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