The briefinform of the Center (Oct.1-Dec.1 2016)

Date:  2016-12-26  Author: admin   

1. On December 1st, director Pan Guang was invited to attend the birthday of the Japanese emperor and the Japanese consul general reception.
2. On November 23-26, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong visited Moscow, attended the Russian Political Society meeting in 2016 and the general assembly to speak.
3. On November 23-24, deputy director Yu Jianhua attended the "International Symposium on The Belt and Road and Central Asian prosperity and stability" and make a speech.
4. On November 22nd, director Pan Guang "to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the founding of Spain internationally; the memory of the great friend Chinese people are pulling Fulato doctors" academic report and conference seminar. Secretary General Zhang Jianrong attended the meeting.
5. On November 19th, Pan Guang, director, deputy director Yu Jianhua attended the Fudan University and other units jointly organized the "The Belt and Road under the background of religion and China diplomacy" seminar and speech.
6. On November 18th, Yu Jianhua, deputy director, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai, Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Association in 2016 to attend the meeting in.
7. On November 6th, director Pan Guang, deputy director Wang Jian, deputy director Yu Jianhua attended the thirty anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Association of world history and annual commemoration meeting 2016. As president and secretary-general, Pan Guang and Yu Jianhua respectively made the General Assembly speech and work report.
8. On October 29th, director Pan Guang attended the "cross-strait Maritime Silk Road Conference, jointly was organized by Tongji University, Tamkang University in Taiwan, Shanghai International Relations Society and other units, and made speech.
9. On October 28th, director Pan Guang attended Russia's foreign relations seminar, jointly was held Shanghai society of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Shanghai Institute of world history, Shanghai International Studies University, and made a statement on the recent situation of the Russia-Turkish relations.
10. During October 24th - November 4, deputy director Yu Jianhua, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong, assistant researcher Dai Yichen Visited to Eastern Europe.
11. On October 24th, deputy director Wang Jian gave interview of the Germany television ZDF.
12. On October 23rd, a senior researcher at the Institute of Singapore Rajaratnam James  visited oue center.
13. On October 21st, director Pan Guang was invited to attend the national day reception, was held by Austria Consul General in Shanghai.
14. On October 20th, as the president of the Shanghai society for world history and the United Nations Research Association, director Pan Guang made research report at the opening of the academic activities monthly report meeting of the Shanghai Federation of social scientists on deepening of world history and international relations.
15. On October 17th, Secretary-General Zhang Jianrong attended conference of presenting annual joint research report “the Sino-Russian Relations: the model in 2016”.
16. On October 15th, policy researcher, expert Andrew for Syria from the Washington Institute for Near East visited our Center.

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